Bringing nature to your space

We create refreshing new looks for custom made privacy screens, fences, trellises and rooftop gates. With the addition of beautiful plants and trees to help maintain the privacy of your home, you will embrace the look and feel of your new space. Our emphasis is on bringing nature to your space to create a relaxing ambiance right in the comfort of your own home.


We custom make:
‣ privacy screens
‣ fences
‣ trellises
‣ rooftop gates
‣ Japanese style gates


With these structures, we maximize your comfort space and separate your garden from the others. We bring plants, trees and shrubs into the garden to help you obtain a harmonious area.


You can create fences and gates with trellises for vines to grow (wisteria, clematis, jasmine, honey suckle). We build Japanese style gates for a Zen-like feel and rooftop gates to complement the ambiance of your garden. Bird feeders can invite birds and butterflies into your yard space to enhance the outdoor experience. These are examples of how we incorporate nature’s finest elements into our designs.

Water and fire bring people together. We create fixtures that imitate natural water features and fireplaces that bring warmth to you.


The sound of water flowing is known to have a calming effect on our minds. With your very own water feature in the comfort of your space, you can sit and listen to water flowing as it brings harmony to the landscape as well as into your home.


We create:

‣ water features that imitate natural water.

‣ gas fireplaces and fire pits to bring your friends and family together during the cooler spring and summer nights.


Plants and trees are also planted around your features to enhance your visuals. For example, a simple but elegant Japanese maple (acer palmatum) provides a comforting visual while enhancing the peaceful sound of the water features.


A calming effect


Add further living space

Decks and patios add further living space to your home. We create cedar decks, pressure treated decks and more to suit your needs. Decks and patios not only create additional living space, but are an extension made as medians to bring your garden closer to your home. We create cedar decks which offer a more natural look and pressure treated decks which can be stained in a multitude of colours. Landscape lighting can also be added to your patio or deck to enhance features and to be used during the evening times.

Whether you are looking to enrich your garden with a pergola or are looking for a place to shade you from the sun and rain, our arbors and pergolas are designed tastefully to provide shelter and privacy. Arbors and pergolas create structure and frame to an area. With our refreshing new designs that incorporate nature, we can create a harmonious living space that best suits your unique style. Similar to our specialty fences and gates, vines and plants are planted around to bring harmony into your garden. A few of the materials we use are: plexy glass, cedar wood, and pressure treated timber.


Providing shelter and privacy



We use a complete custom 3D design and model for home and commercial housing.


During our consultation and design phase, our Registered Canadian Landscape Architect will visit the client’s site. With viewing the site, the professional architect will create a 3D CAD and 2D design, bringing your visions to life. This is for the home owner as well as for obtaining a permit before construction.


Through our consultation process, we note that enhancing the landscape around your property will provide a higher quality of life and allow you to unwind at home.

Homes with a Zen-like landscape help ease the mind for the elderly. Our company emphasizes ecological elements to bring nature right to your door. Westland Design provides exceptional services to help cater to our clients’ expectations, enhancing your outdoor area with a Zen-like feel. We create this ambiance through the structure of the landscape, the water features and plants and trees as these elements also help invite birds and butterflies into the scape.


Our landscape designs can also help elderly people who suffer from Alzheimer’s and Dementia disease. Today’s expensive elderly institutional care encourages families to turn to home care for their elderly parents. For most elderly parents and especially for those who has alzheimer’s and dementia, they find peace and happiness with landscape outdoor space. Nature provides healing and restorative effects. This notion is not different for elderly people who are cared for at home. We provide the consultation, design and construction to transform their home into a more enjoyable place – outdoor and as well as indoor. We are adapting to today’s norm to design and build healing garden.


Zen-like ambiance


Refresh your living space

Westland design creates living areas that incorporate a blend of exterior and interior spaces to be enjoyed all year round. We do innovative renovations that involve the kitchen and bathroom, and/or full renovations and new home construction.


Want a fresh new look for your home? Westland Design strives to create a refreshing new living space – bringing the outdoor living space closer to your indoor living space. Through our custom made designs, we cater to your needs. We can help further enhance your living space by turning a house into a unique, character-filled home.


We renovate the following:
‣ kitchens
‣ bathrooms
‣ fireplace (indoor and/or outdoor)

Our heavy duty equipment can create any design you need for your garden and renovations.


We own the following:
‣ Kupota E35 mini excavator
‣ CAT 320 large excavator
‣ Bobcat loaders
‣ Dump trucks (for construction purposes)
‣ Pickup trucks
‣ Trailers


To create any design